Friday, 20 September 2013


Hi, I'm Hendrix. Today for the third time Room 5 are going to swimming. The peoples names who will be there are Kevin and Gillian. They will be teaching Room 5 about swimming.

We also have free time. First of all we had to get changed quickly into our swimming gear, secondly we had to line up at the edge of the pool. Thirdly Gillian said to come to the swimming pool, one by one. Fourthly we got into the pool.

We all had a paddling board each. Fifthly we practised arm circles. We were all good at it, and Pio was not listening to Gillian because he was under the water and Gillian said to Pio "Pio, Pio can you please look at me?" Pio still was under water so Gillian went up to him and she shouted at him so Pio went out of the pool and we all wasted 5 minutes. Then Gillian said "Ok that's it Room! Get out of the swimming pool!" So all of the boys went out and got changed into our school clothes.

By Hendrix